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Over the Easter weekend Marquettes Baton Twirlers attended the British Baton Twirling Sports Association (BBTSA) National Championships held at the K2 Arena in Crawley, successfully defending their 2015 title win.


The team entered team, duo and individual sections across the three day event, scooping the national title in Senior Twirl Challenge Team.  This consisted of the team entering four twirling disciplines and combining their scores to win the section; a repeat of last year’s title win.

·         Megan Davies – achieved 2nd highest score in Solo Twirl  - In Solo Twirl the athlete must present their routine with minimal travelling, the judges focus is on baton twirling technique, primarily and body posture secondary, of each athlete. Full hand contact twirling must be on pattern, Rolls must flow and not be handled and Aerials (tossed batons) must be on pattern and must show a high level of difficulty, for example performing a split leap or two under the aerial.  All of this must be completed in less than 1 minute 10 Seconds!

·         Charlotte Davies – achieved highest score in Two Baton - The criteria for Two Baton is much the same as Solo Twirl however the athlete competes with two continuously twirling batons. These must show a cross section of twirling of same and alternate directions as well as twirling on different patterns (vertical and horizontal).

·         Elissa Knott – achieved highest score in Fancy Strut – This routine must be performed in a set floor pattern, without repetition or retracing of steps! The athletes body and dance work is largely put to test here with many performed under a tossed aerial.

·         Yazmyn Evans & Freya Hewitt - achieved highest score in Duo - The criteria for Duo is much the same as Solo Twirl however there are two athletes in front of the judges. Athletes must show the same technique and posture as in Solo Twirl but must also include baton exchanges and partner rolls.


Other sections competed in were:

·         Dance Twirl – Routines for Dance Twirl are mainly focused on the dance skill of the athlete with the baton as secondary focus. This routine has to be performed to a set piece of music and athletes have to show their performance skill as well as their baton and body skills!

·         Poise & Personality – These routines are only 40 seconds but are a very intense 40 seconds! The routines are dance and gymnastic heavy where the baton is only to be used as a prop; it must not be twirled!  Which is an actual challenge for a Baton Twirler!


The team as a whole competed very well with many members making the semi-finals of most of the 47 sections entered and 7 members of the team reaching the finals of their section making them nationally ranked athletes:

·         Charlotte Davies & Elissa Knott – Beginner Junior Duo 9th

·         Yazmyn Evans & Freya Hewitt – Novice Senior Duo 12th

·         Scarlette Burton – Beginner Juvenile 1 Solo Twirl 12th

·         Scarlette Burton – Beginner Juvenile 1 Two Baton 9th

·         Freya Hewitt – Novice Senior Poise & Personality 11th

·         Megan Davies – Novice Senior Poise & Personality 12th

·         Jasmine Garrod – Novice Senior Poise & Personality 13th

·         Yazmyn Evans – Novice Senior Poise & Personality 14th

·         Yazmyn Evans – Novice Senior Two Baton 11th


This year’s preliminary and semi-final results are a huge leap-up from 2015’s scores. Baton Twirling is a hard and demanding sport, and our competition team are dedicated and hard working. Not only do our athletes have to learn and master twirling skills, they must also learn dance and gymnastic skills, many of which then have to be performed under a tossed baton. The competition team have been training since September, even whilst at Fury Basketball home games to the crowd, memorising routines, mastering twirling moves and improving their bodywork to be the best they can be.


I am very proud of the team, they performed beyond my expectations.  I was very happy when they qualified for the National Championships, everything they got on top of that was a bonus. We are a small club from a small town; we can only afford to train two to three times a week and the competition team trains alongside the display team, so we are really squashed in the training hall!  I feel we do amazingly well to keep up with the big clubs, from big cities with bigger bank accounts. We are nipping at their heels!  The other coaches and I feel that 2017 will be our year and training for next year has already begun; we don’t really have an off season! 


I would like to thank the team we took to Nationals for their dedication, motivation and enthusiasm they showed over the weekend: Kayleigh Porter, Scarlette Burton, Mia Pilkington, Grace Meadows-Flint, Charlotte Davies, Elissa Knott, Freya Hewitt, Yazmyn Evans, Jasmine Garrod and Megan Davies. These young ladies are a credit to our community; they have represented Downham Market with a great sporting attitude and aptitude. They need to be publicly applauded for their hard work!


Sadly we will be retiring a lot of our uniforms and costumes this year, some of them we worked out to be 17 years old. The fact is we haven’t been able to afford any new ones for at least 5 years!  Expect to see us out in public, fundraising like crazy for new uniforms.  If there is anyone or any local businesses out there who would like to help us fundraise or even sponsor us we would be very VERY grateful! Just get in touch with us via Facebook, email [email protected] or call 01366 377 009.


We have a 17 year long history of Marquettes achievements and trophies that will be displayed at our coffee morning during Downham Market festival week (Tuesday 31st May at the town hall from 10am!) We would love somewhere to permanently display them in the town!


Good News

 Well Done to Kayleigh, Scarlette, Mia, Grace, Charlotte, Elissa, Yazmyn, Freya, Jasmine, Lucy, Megan and Alice. 44 places taken between you at BBTSA Area competition.

Now to prepare for nationals !!!!

Duo Junior 2:
Charlotte & Elissa 5th

Duo Senior:
Alice & Lucy 7th...
Yazmyn & Freya 8th
Megan & Jasmine 9th

2 Baton Juvenile 1:
Scarlette 1st - Area 4 Champion

2 Baton Junior 1:
Charlotte 1st - Area 4 Champion

2 Baton Junior 2:
Elissa 6th

2 Baton Senior:
Megan 2nd
Freya 5th
Yazmyn 6th

Solo Twirl Juvenile 1:
Scarlette 3rd
Kayleigh 4th

Solo Twirl Juvenile 2:
Mia 1st
Grace 4th

Solo Twirl Junior 1:
Charlotte - Qualified for National Championships

Solo Twirl Junior 2:
Elissa 9th

Solo Twirl Senior:
Freya 2nd
Megan 7th
Jasmine 8th
Yazmyn 9th
Lucy 10th

Dance Twirl Juvenile 1:
Scarlette 4th
Kayleigh 6th

Dance Twirl Juvenile 2:
Grace 2nd
Mia 4th

Dance Twirl Junior 1:
Charlotte 2nd

Dance Twirl Junior 2:
Elissa - Qualified for National Championships

Dance Twirl Senior:
Freya 5th
Megan 7th
Alice 8th
Lucy 9th
Yazmyn 10th
Jasmine - Qualified for National Championships

Fancy Strut Juvenile 1:
Scarlette 3rd
Kayleigh 7th

Fancy Strut Juvenile 2:
Grace 2nd
Mia 4th

Fancy Strut Junior 1:
Charlotte 9th

Fancy Strut Junior 2:
Elissa - Qualified for National Championships

Fancy Strut Senior:
Megan 4th
Freya 6th
Lucy 8th
Yazmyn 9th
Alice 10th

P&P Juvenile 1:
Scarlette 6th
Kayleigh 8th

P&P Juvenile 2:
Mia 3rd
Grace 4th

P&P Junior 1:
Charlotte 9th

P&P Junior 2:
Elissa - Qualified for National Championships

P&P Senior 1:
Jasmine 5th
Yazmyn 6th
Lucy 7th
Megan 8th
Freya 9th

P&P Senior Plus:
Alice 6th


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