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In order to help your child settle in to the Baton Twirlers & Cheerleaders, we would like to give you the following standard information on our group.  This pack will help you to understand the background of the group we run, and the standards in which we run to, parallel to what we would expect of our athletes.
Marquette’s Baton Twirlers and Cheerleaders was formed in January 1999.  Set up by Anita and Jim Cornish, the family (along with daughter Charlotte – an enthusiastic athlete) realised there was a gap in the provision of opportunities for young people who were keen twirlers and particularly interested in taking part in competitions, alongside fetes and other community events. Originally opened as Downham Market Majorettes, we work to engage with young people, realising there are many skills that can be gained through this sport. By offering these sessions and opportunities to young people in Downham Market and the surrounding areas, our members have the chance to gain confidence, whilst also understanding and building their knowledge of team work and leadership. Furthermore, with the lack of provision of youth services in Downham Market, by offering these sessions, it offers somewhere for young people to go which is safe, affordable, fun and off the street.  Marquette’s Baton Twirlers and Cheerleaders is run by a steering group (details of which can be found at the bottom of the page).
General Training – Tuesdays 6pm to 8pm at Downham Academy
Competition Training – Thursdays 6pm to 8pm at Downham Academy 
Intense Training – One Sunday per term we will run a four hour training session between 12-4pm.
These sessions may include outside trainers, grade lessons/exams or competition practice. Fees, venues and coaches will vary, therefore we will inform you of these sessions throughout the year.
We ask that athletes arrive at least 10 minutes before training begins to be ready for a prompt start.
Athletes under the age of 16 must be collected from inside the academy by a parent or guardian. If you intend for someone else to collect your child, please inform a member of the steering group before the session begins. If your child is unable to attend training for any reason, please contact a member of the steering group in advance.
Please note: smoking is not permitted and dogs are not allowed on the Downham Academy grounds.  Other evening classes take place at Downham Academy, please be respectful when arriving/leaving the site.
Please ensure that athletes arrive on time in suitable training wear (see training wear section below) with their baton. We ask that athletes pay attention to the coach in charge of their session, respect their coaches and other athletes.
Parents – We must be out of the Academy by 8.15pm, please arrive on time to collect your child; as we are charged hall hire, we may get charges if we have to wait around.  Sessions end at 8pm, please allow 5 minutes for sessions to be dismissed.  Please ensure paperwork and payments are returned by the set deadlines, failure to comply may mean your child cannot take part in events, competitions or exams.  
We ask that parents and students remember that Marquettes is supposed to be a safe place for athletes to come and feel good about themselves.  Every student progresses at their own pace and every student will achieve their own personal level of accomplishment.  Berating another child or your own for what they do or do not achieve can be detrimental in the long run.
•Always adhere to the dress code
•Staff and coaches only in hall (unless invited by a coach)
•No food or drinks are allowed in hall
•No unnecessary talking during lessons
•Remember we learn by watching, listening, and trying.
•Do not be afraid to ask questions to your coach
•Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour toward coaches, athletes or steering group members will not be tolerated.
•Good Sportsmanship is expected from all athletes at all training sessions, displays, competitions and examinations. 
Club Fees – We aim to accommodate all young people and therefore charge a fee which is significantly smaller than that of other clubs of this nature. We charge £3.75 per session, which is collected in advance on a monthly basis. We ensure to notify you of each payment by monthly invoice sent to you via email or handed to you/your athlete at training. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable, we must still cover our training costs (hall hire, club insurance) even if your child does not attend training. If a training night is cancelled beyond our control that night’s fees will be transferred to another night.
BBTSA Fees – Annual membership to the British Baton Twirling Sports Association. This fee is due every October and allows your athletes to enter competitions, take grade exams and attend training seminars. (These are subject to additional fees)
Individual Athletes Insurance – This fee is due every June.
Between May and September athletes are given the opportunity to display their talent and skill at local events. We attend approximately one event per month. We ask for as much support as possible for these displays and are always in need of tombola donations and volunteers to help run our stall. 
The more fundraising we do, the less parents/guardians have to pay!
Chairman – Jim Cornish
Club Leader & Secretary – Anita Cornish
7 Mill Lane, Southery, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 0NF  -  01366 377 009
Treasurer & Costumer– Sheena Hunt
51 Meadow Court, Littleport, Cambs, CB6 1LQ  -  01353 863 915
Coach (Level 1 – International Coach) – Charlotte Cornish
Vice Chairman & PRO – Keith Scott
178 Elvington, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 4UX – 01553 349 387
Assistant Coach – Sarah Clayton
2 Holkham Close, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 9TP – 07957 998 649
Required Training Wear & Equipment
Athletes are required to dress appropriately for the sport, they also need to demonstrate that they are prepared and ready for each class and presented in a professional manner. Athletes training wear must be comfortable, flexible and appropriate.
Please ensure you bring your baton with you to all classes, taped appropriately. (2 batons for competitive athletes) To order batons, baton bags and other twirling equipment, please speak to Anita or Sheena at training. Competitive athletes must use thick shaft Lite Star Batons.
Black sleeveless leotard, black vest or racer back top
Black jazz/yoga pants, leggings or shorts
Full soled plimsolls or Cheer shoes (for cheerleading sessions)
Split soled jazz shoes or dance sneakers (for baton twirling sessions)
Athletes may not train in socks as this presents a health and safety risk.
Club hoodies may be worn for warm ups and cool downs.
Please note: you will not be allowed to train in denim.
Stud earrings may be worn, all loose jewellery must be removed as wearing it presents a health and safety risk.  Tape or plasters must be worn over body piercings and top ear bars.  
Long hair must be tied back into a bun for training so that it is off of the face and neck.
Short hair must be clipped back so that it is off of the face and neck.
Please bring a drink (preferably water, squash or sports drink) with you.
Athletes are responsible for their own property, the club cannot be held accountable for loss or damage of personal items. (e.g. jewellery, mobile phones, I-pods etc.)
All dancewear should be clearly labelled with the athlete's name. Lost property will be collected and held by the steering group until the end of term, after this time unclaimed items will be donated to charity.
Should an athlete turn up to train injured or ill please inform the coach prior to classes starting. The coach will decide if it is appropriate for the athlete to train and may alter training to suit the athlete where possible.
If an injury is sustained during training, all steering group members and coaches have been first aid trained and appropriate action will be taken.  You will be informed of all incidents at the end of training.
Please bear in mind that twirling and cheerleading is a hard, demanding and dangerous physical sport and whilst all care is made to keep athletes out of harm’s way, injuries can happen (falling batons, wobbly stunts etc.) this is why we practice.
The following course of action will be taken with athletes who neglect to follow these policies:
1.      Verbal warning
2.      Written warning to parent/guardian
3.      Dismissal from the club
Instant dismissal may occur in exceptional circumstances


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